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The last couple of months have been somewhat busy in terms of updates from Apple. Because of a number of stability issues, we have had several iOS 9 update and some people have been forced to apply them to fix serious problems. Because we haven’t had a proper jailbreak since iOS 9.1 this means that a large number of users are now without a means to download their favorite tweaks to customize their devices.

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While we can’t offer much in the way of tweaks, we can offer you a way to try premium and paid games and apps before you by them. vShare Pro [ext link] is a very popular app, one that used to be available only through jailbreaking but is now available to all. It is a decent alternative to AppCake, AppSync and Install0us and also offers far more than Extensify [ext link]. We’re going to tell you how to get vShare Pro and try out those games before you go to the developer and buy them.

vShare Pro Download without a Jailbreak :

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad ios 10 safari
  2. Type vsharedownload.com in the address bar vshare_ios_10_safari1_ios_10 copy
  3. Tap on the UP arrow n the loaded page vshare_ios_10_safari1_ios_10
  4. Tap on Add to Home Screen from the options vshare_ios_10_safari0_ios_10
  5. Name the icon something like vShare vshare_safari1
  6. Tap on Add
  7. Close Safari down and you will see the icon on your home screen vshare_ios_10_safari2_ios_10

Video : Watch this video for an explanation of the steps

vShare Pro Download with a Jailbreak :

  1. Jailbreak your iOS device with Pangu or Taig Jailbreak [ext link]
  2. Open Cydia, let it be configured so it works properly
  3. Open Cydia again

At this point, to download vShare Pro, you need to add a new repository to Cydia so follow these steps:

  1. Tap on Manage > Sources > Edit > Add cydia ios 9 source add
  2. In the box that shows up, type in this URL exactly – http://repo.appvv.org
  3. A message will appear warning you about adding sources – this is a safe one so tap on Add Anyway
  4. When Cydia has added the source you can search it for vShare Pro and download it from there vshare_download_8 (3) 3

Fixing vShare Pro Errors :

You may be unlucky enough to face an ssl error that says “cannot connect to ssl vshare.appvv.api”. This is an easy error to fix and there are two ways to do it:

First Method :

  1. Make sure you close down Safari and all open apps completely
  2. Wait a few minutes
  3. Try again with the steps above
  4. It should work. If not skip to Method 2 below.

Second Method :

  1. Download vShare Helper onto your PC [ext link] vshare helper download pc1
  2. Use vShare Helper to install vShare Pro onto your iOS device

Please use vShare Pro responsibly. It is a form of piracy and not an app that Apple would normally allow on their app store. However, because of a loophole, you can download it now but be quick as Apple will more than likely put a stop to it in the near future

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