Sadly, it seems that jailbreaking is dying a slow death; the lack of updates to Cydia have left large groups of iOS users on the stock firmware with no way to change it. TweakBox may just be the answer that we have been looking for. Although there are a proportion of iOS users who don’t want to jailbreak, a large percentage rely on Cydia as the means to getting the modifications they want on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Image : TweakBox App

What is TweakBox ?

TweakBox [ext link] is an app installer, a way of getting all your favorite jailbreak content on your iPhone or iPad without actually installing that jailbreak first. TweakBox plays host to the best Cydia tweaks, the most paid and premium content and lots more besides. There is something in TweakBox that will suit everyone and it is all legal, no jailbreak on your device means that Apple cannot penalize you by voiding your warranty. If you needed any further help in deciding, check out the features that TweakBox offers.

Image : TweakBox app

TweakBox Features :

TweakBox is full of great features, including:

  • No requirement to install Cydia
  • Incredibly easy to use 
  • Great looking user interface
  • Easy to delete if no longer required

And if that weren’t enough, TweakBox also gives its users 5 separate categories of app to download from:

  • Modified Apps – a wide variety of game and apps hacked to give you all the great in-app features you would have to pay good money for, such as unlimited lives and unlimited coins
  • Tweaked Apps – a great selection of modified apps, like SnapChat Plus [ext link], giving you features that the stock app won’t
  • TweakBox Apps – the best tweaks and apps from Cydia including a great choice of emulators like EMU4iOS, screen recorders like AirShou, media apps and a lot more
  • App Store Apps – all the content you can get from the iOS app store
  • Flash Apps – apps you can’t get anywhere else and that should never be in the app store

Please remember; TweakBox isn’t a jailbreak and, although it does offer you a fantastic choice of apps and games, you won’t get as much as you do from Cydia. It is a very good alternative for the time being, though.

Download TweakBox :

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