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Right now, jailbreaks are at something of a premium with a limited number of utilities available for use right now. And, of those that have been released, most can only be used by certain groups of people, and that leaves large numbers of iOS users without the means to modify their iPhone or iPad with tweaks from Cydia [ext link].

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To help things along and to try to fill an obvious gap in the market, we have seen a series of app installers released, each containing some Cydia tweaks and | or paid content for free. However, while many of these are limited in what you can do, the latest one to be released is far more comprehensive and is packed with more features than all the others put together. It’s called Tutu Helper and it’s free to install with no jailbreak needed. You cannot download it from the app store though and you can’t install it straight to your device. Instead, you must use another app by the name TutuApp and we’re going to show you to do that.

How to Download TutuApp Helper :

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Safari browser 
  2. Go to this link [ Tutu Helper – ext link ]
  3. Wait for the TutuApp Helper page to open, read through the information and then tap on directly Install to iOS device 
  4. Your iOS Settings will open on the Install Profile page; tap the link that says Install 
  5. If needed, type your passcode in and a new page in Safari will open 
  6. Tap on Install TutuApp
  7. Tap Install to confirm
  8. On the next screen, tap on Install > Next 
  9. Tap Install > Done to complete the installation and start using TutuApp

Fixing TutuApp Errors :

While errors using TutuApp are rare, we have been advised of a couple of common but simple errors that some users are facing. Both of these can be solved very easily using the instructions below:

  • Profile Installation Failed  – Should you come up against this error, the instructions to put it right can be found in the linked article
  • If you install an app or a game that fails to run, you must fix an error with the certificate. To do this, go into Settings > General and tap on Profile and Device Management. Tap Trust next to the certificate for the app and it will all work as it should do 

What do you think of TutuApp? Will it do as a Cydia Alternative or are you pinning your hopes on a new jailbreak. Follow us on Facebook for more news and updates.

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