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Music streaming is a popular thing among iPhone and iPad users and one of the top apps for doing it is Spotify. Boasting over 140 million active users more than 60 million of those shell out a subscription of $9.99 just to get a few extra premium features that free users don’t get but we can’t all justify this cost every month. Because of that, Spotify++ has been developed, a modded version of Spotify but with all the premium features included as standard and for free. Even better, unlike some modified apps, you do not need to jailbreak to install Spotify++ so here’s some of what you get.

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Features of Spotify++ :

Along with all the stock features, you also get:

  • An ad-free music streaming app
  • Unlimited track skipping 
  • As much track scrubbing as you want
  • Top quality sound streaming experience
  • All without having to jailbreak first

How to Download Spotify++ :

You can forget downloading Spotify++ from the iOS app store; even though you don’t need to jailbreak Apple still won’t let this kind of app pass their strict guidelines so the only way to get it is to install Cyrus Installer and then download Spotify++ though that. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Using the steps in the linked post, Download Cyrus Installer [ext link] 
  2. Now open Cyrus on your iPhone or iPad and tap on the Search bar 
  3. Type Spotify++ in and wait for the search results
  4. Tap the result that matches your iOS version
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Spotify++ [ext link] on your device 
  6. When the installation has finished, close Cyrus and tap the Spotify++ icon on your home screen to start streaming music

How to Fix Spotify++ Crashing Error :

Sadly, there is no getting out of the fact that, within a few days of installing Spotify++ in this way, it will crash. This is because Apple revokes the certificates of apps and app installers that they do not recognize or that are not valid and Spotify++ is one of those apps. Reinstalling it will get it working again but only for a few days so, to keep on using Spotify++ with no interruptions, install Anti Revoke [ext link]. This tool will work to protect the certificate and stops Apple revoking it.

Spotify++ is a great app for getting the premium Spotify features without jailbreaking and without paying the premium price. At one time you would have needed to install Cydia to get this kind of app but with jailbreaks so few and far between now, we are seeing more installers like Cyrus every day. But while these app installers, like TweakBox and Tutu-App, can’t ever replace Cydia, they can bring us something of what we used to get providing a decent interim solution.

Tell us if you are going to try Spotify++ and let us know how you get on with it. Or do you prefer to sit back and wait to see if any more jailbreaks are going to be released first? For all the latest jailbreak news, you can follow us on Facebook.

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