If you have gotten into the popular habit of watching TV on your iPhone or iPad then MovieBox is a great app for you to try. It is full of movies and TV shows, all the latest episodes and a whole section of Full HD content. And, unlike many other apps of this kind, you don’t need to download your viewing choice first, simply stream it and this makes it ideal for those who have little storage space left on their devices.

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Shortly, we will be talking about how you can download MovieBox on your iPhone or iPad but first, a couple of notes:

  1. There is no need for jailbreaking to install MovieBox 
  2. MovieBox is not available as an app store app because Apple doesn’t allow anything that doesn’t meet their guidelines into the store. MovieBox is safe though and has been thoroughly tested and you can download it using AppValley, a popular app installer

How to Download MovieBox :

This is a slightly more involved way of downloading an app, but it is very easy so long as you follow the steps correctly. The only reason we have to do it this way is because Apple won’t let it in the store and to get past the rigid security that impose. You might be unlucky enough to face an error where MovieBox doesn’t open but this is very easy error to fix and we will go into more details later:

  1. Download AppValley [ext link] making sure to follow the steps carefully  
  2. Launch AppValley on your device and go to the Search bar
  3. Type MovieBox [ext link] in and then wait for the results 
  4. Tap the MovieBox version that matches your iOS version
  5. On the message that appears, tap on Download and then on Install on the confirmation window
  6. Wait until the installation has been completed and then you can close AppValley
  7. You should now see the MovieBox icon on the home screen, tap to open and start using it.  

How to Fix MovieBox Errors :

When you use MovieBox on your iPhone or iPad, you may be faced with an Unknown Source error that stops MovieBox from working. This is not a serious error, it just means that Apple doesn’t know or trust the source that you are trying to download from, in this case a World of Enterprise Profile. The fix is easy, you just need to tell Apple that it’s OK to run.

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Go to General > Profile and Device Management 
  3. Find the profile and tap on it
  4. Tap Trust
  5. Close Settings, try MovieBox again and it will work

You could, if you wanted to, do these steps before you try to run MovieBox

Another error that you will come across is that MovieBox will crash after a few days and the only way to get it back is by reinstalling it. This happens because Apple doesn’t consider anything downloaded through a third-party installer like AppValley as being valid and they will revoke the certificate. To stop this from happening, install NessTool [ext link] and protect your certificates, leaving you free to enjoy your apps.

MovieBox Alternative

MovieBox won’t suit all users but there is an alternative that you can try:

  • CinemaBox

CinemaBox is similar to MovieBox in that you can stream TV shows or movies directly on your iOS device. However, you can also download what you want so you can view it offline later on and CinemaBox has support for Chromecast, so you can stream directly to a larger screen. As well as being updated every month with the latest content, CinemaBox also provides a Kids mode for when your younger family members are watching. With support for iOS and Android and no jailbreak needed, anyone can use CinemaBox so click the link and find out how you can download it today.

If you already have or want to try Yalu or PPHelper jailbreaks you can also download MovieBox in that way. Full tutorials can be found at the linked articles and, once installed, simply go into Cydia and download MovieBox.

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