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Jailbreaks are a little thin on the ground right now and we don’t have any news on when we can expect to see another one at this time. Both Taig and Pangu have been very quiet just recently, despite the fact that we have seen “proof” of two jailbreaks. The first came from Luca Todesco, an Italian hacker, who first uploaded a photo showing the iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak [ext link], followed up with a video of an iPhone 6S with iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak [ext link]. The other video we saw came from a Greek team by the name of GSMagic. They claimed to be releasing their iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak to the public but as of yet we have not seen anything of it.

Image : Mojo Installer Download

mojo installer download

In the meantime, we know that some jailbreakers are looking for an interim solution and we think we may have the answer for you. An app installer by the name of Mojo has come along and, although it doesn’t offer the same depth of functionality that Cydia offers, it is a pretty decent app.

Features :

  • Install extra features to stock apps
  • Install third party tweaks
  • No need to jailbreak mojo_repo_sources
  • Install tweaks for iOS store apps
  • Track your download history
  • Use the Quick Search feature to help you find packages easier
  • Add repositories for more tweaks

Downloading Mojo Installer [ext link] is a little more complex than just heading over to the app store but, provided you follow these instructions properly you will soon have it on your iOS device

Installing Mojo Installer :

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open Safari browser ios 10 safari
  2. Type in either to the address bar mojo_safari0_2 copy
  3. Next, when the page has loaded up, tap on the UP arrow. iPhone users will see it at the bottom of the screen and iPad users will see it in the top right-hand corner mojo_safari0_2
  4. An options window will open; tap on Add to Home Screen mojo_safari2_2
  5. Next, you will need to give your app a name – call it Mojo and tap on Add  mojo_safari1_2
  6. You can shut Safari down and you will see the app icon on your home screen mojo_ios_11_ios_10

Video : Full Mojo Installer Download Video

Errors in Mojo :

While most people will have no trouble, some users have reported getting a Profile Installation failed error and you can fix that by using the steps in the link. If you don’t like Mojo or can’t get on with it, deleting it from your iPad or iPhone is also very simple.

Using Mojo Installer :

Once you have Mojo working on your device, using it is easy:

  1. Open Mojo from your home screen
  2. Use the Quick Search feature to find packages mojo-installer-app-screen
  3. Add repositories to get more tweaks and packages
  4. Download anything that you want on your device

Because the tweaks in Mojo rely on certificates to work you may experience a little trouble getting some apps and tweaks to work. If you do, just go to Settings > General > Profile and locate the app giving you trouble. Click on Trust and the app will work properly.

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