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The new iOS 9 firmware was released for download more than a month ago on Sept 16th . These release have given us a taste of what the new iOS 9 is capable of. And boy ! iOS 9 really is an impressive firmware in itself. After its official release on Sept 16th , millions of users downloaded iOS 9 on their devices . Soon after the release sever popular jailbreaker iH8sn0w jumped into the scene and showcased his iOS 9 Jailbreak running on iPhone 5 . The jailbreak was later released in beta form to other jailbreak teams [ Taig , Pangu and PP ] who integrated it into their jailbreak’s and released their iOS 9 Jailbreak tools to users . Keep reading for PP iOS 9 Jailbreak guide below .

Image : PP iOS 9 Jailbreak

pp ios 9

One of the best things about the iOS 9 firmware is that a lot of its features have been derived from various Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks [ ext link ] . Such features have really taken the iOS to a next level of user-friendliness and intuitiveness. But more than the iOS 9, most of the iOS users worldwide are awaiting the release of an iOS 9 jailbreak from Team PP. And when talking about iOS jailbreaks, we cannot forget Team PP, that has earned a respectable position in the jailbreak community.

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Team PP – An Underrated iOS 9 Jailbreak Team

Team PP came into the limelight when it released the PP Jailbreak for iOS 8.3 . However, instead of receiving gratitude and appreciation, the PP team faced criticism for being a direct copy of the TaiG tool . This was the reason why the PP jailbreak did not receive many downloads.

pp jailbreak 8.41

Then came iOS 8.4 and surprisingly, the PP team was the first to release an iOS 8.4 jailbreak within an hour. This move was unexpected, as TaiG was the one we were expecting to be the first. This time TaiG released the iOS 8.4 jailbreak in a few hours, but did not stop there. TaiG went on to criticise the PP team for plagiarizing its jailbreak tool and stealing its exploits. This was a direct accusation.

Soon, PP became the first team to release a jailbreak tool for Mac and proved that it was a talented team too and was not just a plagiarizing copycat. Another point to note is that while the TaiG tool was full of installation errors, the PP tool was perfectly error-free and worked like a charm, which proves that the PP tool was actually better than the TaiG tool.

pp jailbreak 8.4 mac

PP 9 Jailbreak for iOS 9 :

PP created a huge fan-base for itself, despite so many accusations by TaiG and the TaiG supporters. When iOS 9 was announced and when it became clear that there would be an iOS 9 jailbreak, the PP jailbreak users were sure that Team PP would definitely join the race.

We have always noticed that the PP team has released its jailbreaks silently and has not come out much into public discussion like TaiG or any other major jailbreak team. However, PP has still delivered error free jailbreaks for Windows and Mac and thus proved that it is no less talented.

Image : PP iOS 9

pp ios 9

As mentioned earlier, a lot of iOS 9 betas have already been seeded, so it surely has given Team PP a lot of time to work on the iOS 9 jailbreak. We also know that Team Keen and Team TaiG have shown their interest in the iOS 9 jailbreak, which ultimately means that they are working on it. So if these teams are developing an iOS 9 jailbreak, then it will not be an overstatement to say that the PP team too is silently working on a jailbreak for iOS 9.

And who knows ? Maybe PP team might surprise us again by releasing the iOS 9 jailbreak before any other team. So Prepare for PP iOS 9 Jailbreak and wait to see a PP jailbreak for iOS 9 in the coming days .

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