iOS 9.3.1 Jailbreak

Some time ago, a bit of an argument broke out when Taig team leveled an accusation at PP team, maintaining that the latter had stolen exploits from Taig to produce a jailbreak called PP. While this move by PP was condemned at the time, the team soon redeemed itself by producing an iOS 8 jailbreak for the Mac. With this, they proved themselves to have the talent required to produce their own jailbreak tools. When iOS 9.3.1 was released, many users hoped that, after being forced to update because it contained bug fixes, they would soon be able to jailbreak it but none of the teams came forward with any news.

Image : iOS 9.3.1 Jailbreak

pp jailbreak ios 9.3.1

Shortly after iOS 8.4, PP fell off the radar. After the iOS 9.1 jailbreak [ext link] tool was released, many were convinced that Taig and Pangu had also disappeared without a trace. While Taig has remained silent, Pangu did co-host the mobile security conference in Shanghai at the start of July 2016 and did hint at a new jailbreak to be released soon. That jailbreak has now been released after Pangu teamed up with PP to build PPHelper for iOS 9.3.1.

Can We Jailbreak iOS 9.3.1 Now ?

Yes, or at least most of us can. Unfortunately, PPHelper will only or on 64-bit devices and this is perhaps a sign of the times. With the highest percentage of active devices being the newer ones, and with Apple dropping support for older ones, it is unlikely, although not impossible, that the 32-bit devices will ever be able to be jailbroken again. On top of that, cutting out more users, PPHelper only works on Windows at the moment. There is likely to be a Mac version at some point so make sure you stay with us – we’ll update you as soon as it is or until we find another solution for you.

How to Get iOS 9.3.1 Jailbreak :

You can install iOS 9.3.1 jailbreak and get Cydia on your iOS device in two ways listed below.

Method 1 : PPHelper Jailbreak


ppjailbreak pp med

PPHelper has been produced only in the Chinese language at this stage but we have come up with a full tutorial for you to use. Use the given link to download and install PPHelper for iOS 9.3.1 on your device today.

Method 2 : Safari Method for PP app Download


In this method , no computer is required for downloading the PP app on your iOS device. Follow our PP app download tutorial without computer.

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  1. No my dear am not really sure
    لكن اذا عملت اب ديت ل iOS 9.3.1
    وبعدها عملوا جيلبريك ل iOS 9.2.1 !!!!
    ساعتها ماراح تقدر تنزل

    1. انا كنت خايف انه بعد ما ابل توقف الارسال ل 9.3 و 9.2.1
      ويضل الارسال ل 9.3.1 بعدها يام تحرير جلبريك لل 9.3
      وانا على 9.2.1 وما بقدر اتقدم الا لل 9.3.1
      فاهمني يا غالي ؟

  2. فاهمك اخي العزيز
    وانا عندي نفس اصدارك 9.2.1

    في اي وقت بإمكانك ترفع للإصدار الجديد ولكن لايمكن انك تنزل الاصدار بعد التحديث
    يعني اذا حدثت خلاص مافي رجعة لاصدار اقدم مستحيل

    ومشكلتي نفس مشكلتك تماما وربنا يحلها ونحصل على جيلبريك زي زمان

  3. Wow! This is the longest and most difficult time within the jailbreak community. I’ve been using jailbreaks since day one. Never seen anything like this before. Is apple actually out smarting the jailbreak leaders finally? Is Apple winning finally? A plain device, is a boring device.

  4. Its is unlikely that apple will win. They are always releasing new firmwares wich might bring up more exploits in which they have no clue about. People working at jailbreak teams go to the office every day to look for them which it more likely for them to find before apple and even though if apple finds any the only solution is an update (9.3.1?!?) to fix it. Jailbreak teams are in a daily struggle to find faults in the system and sooner or later they will find one. My advice stay on 9.3. IOS 9.2, 9.2.1 will not have a jailbreak and it is uncertain that 9.3.1 is jailbreakable making the most likely 9.3 ( as it has been jailbroken on the last beta version so it might be that the final release might also be jailbreakable just very thightly secured) apple is currently still signing IOS 9.3 so if you can downgrade as soon as possible.

    BGI 😣😉🤔😆

  5. stay 9.3. tool is releasing on 15th April. Confirmed by Taig and pangu. DO NOT UPGRADE . 9.3.1 tool is coming after 5 month only. DO NOT UPGRADE.

  6. You can update Your device to 9.3.1! They working on the 9.3 app but that one wil all so work on the 9.3.1! So dont be scared. And believe me, im not joking.

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