iOS 10 Jailbreak

Now that iOS 10 has been released, it is time to go ahead and jailbreak iOS 10 using the PP Jailbreak tool. We heard a few rumors about some of the feature we might be seeing on iOS 10 and some of them were confirmed at the keynote speech by Apple. One that wasn’t confirmed at the time but has been hinted at by a couple of developers since is the news of “Rootless”, a new iOS 10 security system aimed at stopping jailbreak. This made jailbreaking iOS 10 hard , but not impossible and PP Team has done it again. Keep reading for detailed iOS 10jailbreak tutorial.

Image : iOS 10 Jailbreak Update


Quick Download Cydia on iOS 10 :

This tutorial works on all 32 bit and 64 bit devices. You can go ahead and directly download the Cydia app onto your iOS 10 device using Safari following the tutorial below.

  1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad ios 10 safari
  2. Simply type in in the address bar of safari browser. pp_jailbreak_safari0-copy
  3. Look for the UP arrow at the bottom of the screen and tap on it. Note : It will be at the top of the page on the iPad and at the bottom on the iPhone pp_jailbreak_safari0 pp_ipad
  4. On the options screen, tap on Add to Home Screen  pp_jailbreak_safari1
  5. Rename the app icon to PP and tap on Add pp_jailbreak_safari2
  6. Close down Safari and the PP app icon should be on your home screen. Tapping on it will bring you up to date PP Jailbreak updates directly on your device. pp heler_icon_small_pp safari

Video : Here is a video tutorial of the above steps

PP iOS 10 Jailbreak Status :

Despite all the apparent new jailbreaks seeing the light of day, to be honest there isn’t really one we can use, unless anyone is prepared to play around with the source code. Nothing has been heard from PP Assistant team but that could be because they are embroiled in testing iOS 10.1 [ beta 1 ] for themselves. And, let’s not forget that we still have a couple of months of beta testing ahead of us. What we do know is, we can expect a tough journey ahead of us in our bid to jailbreak iOS 10 successfully.

cydia ios 10.0 ios9c

Do you think the rumors are going to be true this year ? And if so, will “Rootless” really spell the end of jailbreaking ? Follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our newsletter for up to date developments.



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  1. But if jailbreaking is stopped, where will Apple get all of “their” ideas for new iOs features? All of the added features were jailbreak tweaks from a year before apple adopted them.

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