iOS 10.2.1 Jailbreak

The war between jailbreakers and the Cupertino company has been raging for years, ever since the first jailbreak was released. So far, the jailbreakers have had the upper hand; no matter what Apple does, they still seem to find a way to push through the security and have even won the right to jailbreak after it was ruled legal. However, that hasn’t stopped Apple and with iOS 10 it seems the tables have turned somewhat. Or at least they had until Luca Todesco stepped into the limelight and pushed out Yalu Jailbreak for 10.2. That jailbreak has now been updated to support the recently released iOS 10.2.1 download [ext link] and below we show you the steps to download it onto your devices.

Image : iOS 10.2.1 Jailbreak Update

Method 1 : Safari Browser Method

Please do not try this with any other browser; you will be wasting your time as it only works with Safari

  1. Launch Safari browser and go to 
  2. Our mobile web page will load up; find the UP arrow and tap on it 
  3. From the bottom of the screen, choose Add to Home Screen 
  4. A box will appear for you t0 type in a name for your app icon , call it PP and tap on the Add button 
  5. When you go back to your home screen, the PP app icon will be there and tapping on it will take you straight to all the latest iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak updates 

Video: This is a demonstration of these steps

Method 2 : Yalu Jailbreak

Yalu jailbreak is the latest in a long line of jailbreak utilities but it is not so easy to download as some of the recent jailbreaks like PPHelper.

Image : Yalu Jailbreak App

  • You must be prepared for Yalu jailbreak to be a little unstable and you might come across a few bugs. While most people have managed to install it easily enough, if you do encounter any issues, simply remove the jailbreak from your device using Cydia Eraser.
  • You cannot install Yalu directly on to your device; you will have to use Cydia Impactor to side load it and for that, you are going to need a valid Apple ID , either a free one or a paid developer account
  • Yalu is not a fully untethered jailbreak; it is semi-untethered and that requires you to re-jailbreak your iOS device whenever it is rebooted

If you still want to install Yalu for iOS 10.2.1, the download links and a step by step tutorial can be found at the link below:

Image : Cydia iOS 10.2.1


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  1. Perfect solution for iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak. At first i didn’t believe it , but now i see how easy it is to download the PPHelper jailbreak using Safari. yalu Jailbreak method also works well , but nit always . and throws a white screen every now and then.

  2. New to jailbreaking but very interested in circumventing Apple’s arbitrary restrictive settings. My question is simple however I first need to provide my take on the current jailbreaking situation. From my reading it appears that recently Apple has made it very difficult to devise updated jailbreaking methods? In addition it appears that only just recently has a working jailbreak for 10.2.1 come out (correct?) I have diligently not installed iphone updates so I could apply the newest Iphone jailbreak. My question is as follows: Once I jailbreak is it true that I need to re-jailbreak when I reboot my phone? Also is it possible that in the future I will be able to install a permanent jailbreak for my Iphone 5c (10.2.1)? Regards, Gordon

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