Jailbreaking our iPhones, and iPads is something that we have become used to. In the last couple of years, we seem to have had a jailbreak for pretty much every iOS version but, now, we have gone back to the old days. There hasn’t been a jailbreak released in recent times that isn’t restricted to a certain group of users and that means that many iOS users are unable to gain access to Cydia to download tweaks, games, and apps. FlekStore may be the answer we are looking for.

Image : FlekStore App Download

What is FlekStore ?

It is the number one app installer, designed as an alternative to Cydia to provide us with free and easy access to a large number of apps, games, and tweaks, not to mention other content as well. It is one of the most feature-rich app installers ever to be released and it seems that, with jailbreaking seemingly fading, this is the way forward. And, even better, you are not putting your warranty at risk because you are not installing a jailbreak. Here’s what FlekStore [ext link] is offering.

Image : Flekstore app

Features of FlekStore :

  • You don’t need to worry about jailbreaking
  • FlekStore is one of the easiest app installers to download
  • FlekStore has a user-friendly interface, making navigation a breeze
  • FlekStore features all the top and most downloaded Cydia tweaks and apps, like AirShou, VShare [ ext link ], and PlayBox 
  • FlekStore is loaded with paid content, all the top apps, and games
  • Because FlekStore is backed by an active community, it is updated regularly with new content

One more top feature , when you build your own app, it isn’t always easy to get it into an app store, particularly not iOS. With FlekStore you can upload your app without having to go through registration processes first.

How to Download and Install FlekStore :

There are two ways to getting FlekStore onto your iOS device and it is through the steps below, complete with videos and the more advanced method download links to help you.

Method 1 : Safari

  1. Open Safari and type flekstore.org into the address bar
  2. Tap Go and wait for the page to load
  3. Tap the UP arrow at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Choose the middle option from the new ones at the bottom of your screen, Add to Home Screen 
  5. Now type in FlekStore to name the icon and tap Add 
  6. Come out of Safari and you will see the new Flekstore app icon on your home screen 

Video: See how the above steps work

FlekStore is a user-friendly app installer, both for downloading and for using. With so many features, you will be spoilt for choice so have a go with it and let us know what you think of FlekStore. Follow us on Facebook for instant updates on the latest news.



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