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The name PP is well known in jailbreak circles; with Evasi0n 7 and Pangu, PP was associated with a Chinese app store called 25PP, downloaded alongside the jailbreak unless users specified otherwise. Emus4U app now provides good alternative to a Jailbreak. Nowadays, PP team tend to be associated more with legitimate jailbreaks, like those issues by Pangu and Taig .

Image : PP Jailbreak Download

pphelper ios 9 jailbreak pp

PP Jailbreak was initially used to produce jailbreaks for the Mac when Windows only versions were released by Taig and Pangu. This time around they have been directly involved in a new jailbreak for iOS released by Pangu and PP.  At this stage, the new jailbreak is available only in the Chinese language, although an English version is expected soon and it is only available for Windows users at the time of writing.

Supported Devices :

PP Jailbreak supports the following devices. Unless otherwise specified, all jailbreaks will work on all devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch

Download PP Jailbreak :

Mac :


The given links will take you to full tutorials on all the PP jailbreaks available for iOS , choose the one that supports your device on your iOS version. Be aware that the latest PP jailbreak for iOS will only work on 64-bit devices and is only available for Windows users at this stage – this page will be updated when a Mac version is released

Windows :


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    1. If you get iPhone 4, then you can’t update because iPhone 4 don’t get system requirements. But if you have newest version of iPhone. You need to wait for update. Or you can update on itunes. You can e-mail me if this don’t working. Ok?

  1. I had the Pp browser based jailbreak on my phone . While over seas the phone rebooted but since I had no roaming I was unable to launch the app. A day later when I finally got internet connection the app refused to open. Is there anyway I can get the link to the browser based jailbreak?

  2. i lost my pp app how will get that app back in to my phone ? its 9.3.3 version.

    Please Help me with this problem

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