Cydia for iPhone is one of the most downloaded of all apps on iOS devices across the world. The most recent version of Cydia is for iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak [ext link], although iOS 10 is not too far off public release at the time of writing this article, we shouldn’t pin our hopes on getting Cydia iOS 10 [ext link] immediately after the firmware is released. For those of you that have never downloaded Cydia or have not yet got around to using PPHelper jailbreak, the following tutorials will walk you through how to do it.

Image : Cydia Download Tutorial

cydia download pp jailbreak

How to Download Cydia :

You have the choice of two different methods to download Cydia on iPhone :

  1. Without a computer – using Safari browser on your iOS device to download the Cydia app icon
  2. Using PPHelper jailbreak to install Cydia

Method 1 : Safari Method

The latest version of Cydia only goes up to iOS 9.3.5 and as Apple will stop signing that firmware, a downgrade will no longer be possible. This method will give you instant access to all the latest updates for Cydia. No computer is needed and the process is reversible.

  1. You must be running on iOS 9 through to iOS 9.3.5 for this to work. If you are still on an earlier version, please update your device now or this method will not be usable
  2. Open the Safari browser on your iOS device. Don’t try this through any other browser, like Chrome, because it won’t work. ios 10 safari
  3. In the address bar, type in this URL and then tap the Go button cydia ios 7 safari4
  4. This will open up a web page that has been designed for this purpose of Cydia download. Locate the UP arrow and tap on it , bottom of the screen for the iPhone and at the top for the iPad cydia ios 7 safari3
  5. In the options page select Add to homescreen cydia ios 7 safari2
  6. You will be asked to name your icon so type in Cydia and then tap on the Add button cydia ios 7 safari1
  7. Exit Safari and the Cydia app icon will be on one of your home screen. cydia ios 7 safari0

Video: This video describes all these step for you

Method 2 : PPHelper Jailbreak

Provided you are on an iOS version between iOS 9 and iOS 9.3.5, you can download Cydia [ext link] by way of jailbreaking. Install PPHelper using the detailed guide at the given link, which includes all the download links that you will need.

ppjailbreak pp med

When you have installed PPHelper, go to Cydia and make your first download , an app called Cydia Eraser. This has been specially designed to enable you to restore your iOS device without affecting your iOS version in the event that something goes wrong and you need to remove the jailbreak.

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