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It’s been a busy time just recently. First, we had PPHelper jailbreak for iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.3 which Apple very quickly patched with iOS 9.3.4 firmware. Now we have an update to Cydia Eraser, formerly known as Cydia Impactor, one of the most popular tools created by Saurik. If you have used PPHelper to jailbreak your device, do not update to iOS 9.3.4 and do download the updated Cydia Eraser following the steps below. If you haven’t jailbroken your iOS device yet, we have a full tutorial for you to follow on how to install PPHelper.

Image : Cydia Eraser

cydia eraser pp

Features of Cydia Eraser :

Cydia Eraser is the first package you should download when you jailbreak your iOS device and here’s why:

  • You can restore your jailbroken iOS device back to stock without using iTunes
  • Your device will be restored to the version it was on when you used PPHelper which means you will be able to reinstall the jailbreak whenever you want to. If you used iTunes to restore your device, you would be put onto the latest version of the iOS, which cannot be jailbroken at the time of writing
  • The perfect tool to wipe the jailbreak from your iOS device if you ever need to take it in for repair as, to all intents and purposes, it will just be another stock iOS device
  • Also good for when you want to sell your iOS device and the new owner may want to jailbreak as well
  • No need to use a PC or Mac as Cydia Eraser works on your jailbroken iOS device
  • Cydia Eraser will remove all of your data so you must do a full backup of all your data before you use the tool.

Usage :

Apple is still signing iOS 9.3.3 but only for a short while longer. If you need to downgrade, you should do it now but downloading Cydia Eraser will serve you better as it won’t make any difference whether Apple is signing the previous iOS version or not.

Using Cydia Eraser is dead simple and you can find the instructions on how to right below. While the instructions are for Cydia Impactor, this is exactly the same tool, just a different name. If you already have Cydia Impactor on your jailbroken iOS device, you should head over to Cydia [ext link] and update to the latest version now.

How to Use Cydia Eraser on iOS 9.3.3 :

  1. First, take a backup of your data through iTunes and or iCloud . icloud_backup
  2. Connect your device to a power source and ensure that you have at least 20% on your battery iphone-battery-dead
  3. Open Cydia and install Cydia Eraser cydia_eraser cydia_eraser_0
  4. Once installed, you can run Cydia Eraser from your homescreen cydia_eraser_1
  5. When it opens, tap on the option for Delete all Data and Unjailbreak Device cydia_eraser_delete
  6. Tap on Delete All to confirm the action and the process to jailbreak your device will start – do not touch your device while this is happening, it may take a while
  7. Once Cydia Eraser has finished, your device will reboot to the Hello screen ios_9_hello_screen 3

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