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There’ a new kid on the block in the jailbreak community called PP jailbreak for Mac. Released yesterday, totally out of the blue, PP is to jailbreak iOS 8.1.2 for the Mac only and is to take up where Taig for iOS 8.1.1-8.1.2 left off. Until now, Mac users had to install external software to create a virtual PC so they could download Windows and use the existing Taig for Windows jailbreak.

Image : Supported Devices for PP Jailbreaking App

pp jailbreak steps mac osx 2_iphone 6

We know little about this jailbreak at this stage and we have not yet heard from any developers or hackers on whether it tests out to be safe. However, a number of users have already installed it and given it the thumbs up saying it works perfectly well. We would urge caution at this stage and make sure that you take a full back up of your data before you go ahead and install it, just in case you need to restore for any reason.

Supported Devices :

The PP Jailbreak for Mac supports :

  • OS X 10.7 and above
  • iOS 8-8.1.2 [up till now]

It also supports the following iOS devices :

pp jailbreak supported ios 8

  • iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus
  • iPad Air, Air 2
  • iPad Mini, Mini 2, Mini 3
  • iPad 2,3,4
  • iPod Touch 5

Before You Install PP Jailbreak :

  1. Back up your data
  2. Restore to iOS 8.1.2
  3. Disable your passcode
  4. Disable Touch ID
  5. Disable Find my iPhone
  6. Place your iOS device into Airplane mode

Failure to follow this advice is likely to cause problems with the jailbreak. Ensure that your device is updated using iTunes and not Over-the-Air – OTA updates are not compatible with any jailbreak. Make sure you have plenty of free space on your device before you attempt to install the jailbreak.

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  1. hi, how are you all,
    i recently jailbroke my ipad mini 8.3 using pp jailbreak tool but got problem when i try to pplay video songs it stuck and did not play video songs while before jailbreak everything is fine.
    can someone solve my problem??????

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