Times have changed in the jailbreak world; we went from having only a few jailbreaks to having possibly more than we could handle but, with the latest iOS firmware, we seem to have gone backward, back to a time when utilities were few and far between. With the lack of access to Cydia [ext link], a handful of developers have decided to come up with a way of giving us access to some tweaks and all the paid content we want for free. This comes to us in the form of app installers and, while many are limited in what they offer, the latest on, AppToko, isn’t.

Image : Download AppToko App

AppToko is the latest app installer offering lots of great features, including the ability to access the top paid and premium apps and games from the app store without having to fork over hard-earned cash. AppToko works on Android as well as iOS and you can download a whole host of content, including themes, wallpapers, apps, games, ringtones and much more besides. Here are the features of AppToko [ext link]:

Features of AppToko :

  1. Not just for iOS users; Android users can also download and enjoy AppToko
  2. No jailbreak required 
  3. High-speed downloads
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. Choose from all the top-selling chart apps from the Android and iOS store
  6. Download exclusive content
  7. Download apps, themes, games, ringtones, wallpapers, eBook’s, and a good deal more besides
  8. Download more than app at the same time 
  9. Download languages available , Indonesian and English

Download AppToko on Android or iOS :

Downloading AppToko is very easy and, once installed, has a very user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. And, because the English language is now supported, both iOS and Android users will have no trouble finding the apps and games they want to download. The links below take you to full details on downloading AppToko, including instructions on how to delete AppToko if you no longer require it:

Please don’t expect AppToko to be the same as Cydia because it isn’t. You can’t access all your favorite tweaks through it but it does give you back your paid apps and games for free, a major reason why many people jailbreak. While we wait for news on the next jailbreak, AppToko is the best solution so let us now what you think of it and if you run into any trouble downloading it. Follow us on Facebook for all the latest news.



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