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A few days ago, a new jailbreak appeared on the scene called PP Jailbreak for Mac. As it says, it is only for the Mac and is for the iOS 8.12 jailbreak. Now, while this jailbreak is no doubt very welcome, there are a few questions that must be asked. We should also say that, at the moment, we have not heard from any of the well-known hackers about how safe this jailbreak is so, if you do decide to use it, please be aware that you are doing so entirely at your own risk.

Image : About PP Jailbreak

pp jailbreak history

Research suggests that, like the previous two jailbreaks, PP has come out of China. We can’t give you any names of the people behind the jailbreak simply because, at this stage, we don’t have any. In a similar move to Taig, it seems a silence is being maintained from the PP team and there is very little information to be found on them. However, there is some information that suggests they could have an affiliation with Pangu team although there is no real evidence to back this up. What we do know is that the name is not unfamiliar. If I were to say to you, 25PP, you would probably realize where you heard the name before.

25PP is a pirate app store that originates in China and, if you remember, it was downloaded alongside Cydia with both the Taig and Pangu jailbreaks, unless users specified otherwise. The same applies on the PP jailbreak, which is only available in Chinese at the moment. Now, as we said, we cannot attest to the safety of this jailbreak at this stage but, if you do want to take a chance, you can download it from here.

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