PP Jailbreak 8.4 on Mac – How to Tutorial

Isn’t it irritating to know that the leading jailbreak tool TaiG is not supported on Mac ? Seriously. Jailbreaking iOS devices on Windows ? TaiG and PP have been the only two jailbreaks for iOS 8.4 now and until now, both of them supported Windows only. This was a major problem for many iOS users as most of them used Mac and hence had to use an emulator to run Windows on Mac in order to jailbreak their iPhones or iPads. But the problem has come to an end now, as PP has released its latest jailbreak tool for supporting Mac OS X natively!

Image : PP Jailbreak on Mac How to Tutorial

pp jailbreak ios 8.4 mac

The new PP Jailbreak tool for Mac OS X is a great update for PP, great indeed since it was criticised by TaiG for stealing its jailbreak. Now that PP is supported officially on Mac and TaiG is not, it seems like PP is surely talented while TaiG is still figuring out a way to support its tool on Mac. Also, unlike the previous versions of the PP jailbreak tool which were in Chinese, the new Mac-supported tool is available in English too, which makes it easier for non-Chinese users. Another thing to note is that even though TaiG is updating its tool frequently to get rid of all the vulnerabilities, the TaiG tool still contains bugs and users still experience installation errors. Meanwhile, the PP tool is more stable and no installation errors or bugs have been reported by users up till now. So it is clear that PP tool is better than the TaiG tool, more better with the latest update for supporting Mac.

So if your device is still unjailbroken, it’s high time that you use the perfect and error-free PP jailbreak tool for Mac OS X to jailbreak your iOS device. The PP jailbreak supports all the iPod, iPad, and iPhone devices running iOs 8.1.3 up to iOS 8.4.

Jailbreak iOS 8.4 on Mac OS X Using PP Jailbreak Tool


  • You need to restore iOS 8.4 fresh from scratch and not from the OTA update, as it does not work well will modern jailbreaks like PP and TaiG. You can download iOS 8.4 from this given link.
  • Backup your iOS device with iTunes or iCloud.backup ios 8 itunes
  • Before starting the jailbreak process, fully charge your iOS device. iphone-battery-dead
  • In case you have an Apple Watch, disconnect it from your iOS device before beginning the jailbreak.
  • Turn off Bluetooth. bluetooth
  • Ensure that you have installed the latest iTunes version on your Mac. itunes update 12.1.2 taig error fix
  • Quit both Xcode [if running] and iTunes apps on Mac .

Follow the below given steps for PP Jailbreak 8.4 Mac :

  1. Download the PP 8.4 Jailbreak Tool for Mac . After the download has completed, extract the zip file to the desktop and open the tool. Move it to Application folder as asked . Do not connect your iOS device now. pp jaibreak 8.4 mac
  2. If you face this error “cant be opened” , then follow this tutorial to open PP Jailbreak.pp jailbreak cant be opened mac
  3. Turn off Find My iPhone in your iOS device by browsing to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone and toggling it OFF.find_my_iphone_6_ios_804
  4. Also turn off Passcode|Touch ID by going to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and then selecting the Turn Passcode Off option. touch id passcode iphone 6 ios 8
  5. Now plug-in the iOS device to your Mac. connect iphone to pc
  6. You will notice the Install PP Helper check-box on the left bottom of main window of the PP Jailbreak tool. Make sure that this box in left unchecked. pp jailbreak 8.4 mac
  7. Finally, click the Jailbreak button following by the Continue button to start jailbreaking.
  8. The jailbreak will start now. Wait patiently for the process to finish.
  9. After the jailbreaking is done, a message saying Jailbreak succeeded ! will come up.
  10. Done! Your device is now jailbroken successfully and you can find Cydia on your home screen. cydia ios 9

Please remember that this version of the PP jailbreak tool is pre-loaded with the Cydia version 1.1.20, which is not the latest. So make sure you update it to the latest version by going into Cydia, then select the Changes tab and finally tap the Refresh button. When the packages get reloaded, just search for the Cydia Installer and update it. Full tutorial to update cydia is available in the given link . cydia_1.1.23

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  1. I followed every step, and it did not work. It spent a bunch of time and nothing happened. After about 35 minutes I unlocked the phone and followed the instructions for set up the phone, and there was no cydia or something similar. And the app´s progress bar got freezed at about 50%.

  2. I did everything as a tutorial 5X and not worked.I restarted the Mac and iOS 8.4 iPad4 with a 3X and still nothing working. the application always reports an error and asks to restart the iPad. help me !!!!

    1. Same here. Fully restored the ipad twice and nothing helped, still same error message all the time.
      did you find a way?! help me too!

  3. Followed all step of turning off and disabling the iPhone 6 plus. Started jailbreak, went to step five, says restarting iPhone and the program jumps back to step two, then fails.

  4. So Basically mine failed like 10 times until i finally figured it out.

    1) Make sure that your auto lock is set to never ( I had to do that one)
    2) I signed out of iCloud completely
    3) if all else fails full restore will put it through as long as you do step # 1

  5. I’m getting a Jailbreak failed error message during preparing environment. I backed up, restored, disabled find my iphone, pass code lock, and turned auto-lock to never. Turned off blue-tooth and enabled air-plane mode, farthest I get is 5/8. Any help with this? Very disappointed…

  6. I get an error 4960 (don’t know very much about computers) when I try to open the .dmg immediately after the download; how do I open the .dmg on a Macbook running OSX 10.6.8?

  7. I had repeated failures also at 2/8 Preparing Environment. Airplane Mode was turned on and Location Services turned off in the Privacy settings in my last failed attempt. Only after taking Bril’s advice above to sign out of iCloud completely, then run PP Jailbreak again did it finally jump to 3/8 and beyond to a successful jailbreak. Thanks Bril!

  8. I backed up, fully restored to 8.4. I’ve tried taig with downgrading itunes to 8.0.1 or whatever it was. I’ve tried listening to PP by using the up-to-date version of itunes. I’ve ran as administrator. I’m signed out of icloud and have absolutely no personal data on the device as I planned to load my backup following a successful jail break. YES i fully restored the device and set it up as a new device, as well. I have locations services, bluetooth, and autolock off. I have airplane mode on. I’ve tried running taig with itunes in the background as suggested. I was able to successfully jailbreak ios 8.2 on the same PC with the same version of taig. Between both versions I get to the same point with different numbers. They clearly stole this program from taig as its the exact same problem and result. They act like having a mac version was difficult, and that taig didn’t put one up immediately. Yea when you steal someones program and decompile it its pretty simple to transfer over to MAC, especially if you have a bunch of experienced programmers. I have tried the PC and Mac version for both Taig and PP. Load of crap. Simply doesn’t work for the iphone 5s. Don’t waste your time. Trust me, I’ve wasted plenty.

  9. I’ve succefully jailbroke my ipad mini 8.4. Had to fully wipe ipad and configure as new… worked like a charm then.

  10. Keep getting stuck at 5/8 Preparing the environment Jailbreak failed!

    --> backed up phone with OS 8.4 (to icloud)

    --> Restored phone (as new iphone) Didn’t set up anything either

    --> jailbreak! (bluetooth off, airplane mode on) Jailbreak failed preparing the environment 5/8

    I’ve rebooted my 6+ and my Mac…

    Why is it not working? What am I missing? 10+ tries in and still no luck.

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